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What happens is the classes? 

The classes provide a fun, lively and relaxed environment in which there are opportunities for children and carers to both make new friends and enjoy quality time together.

Held every week during term time, the session includes a half hour music class followed by toys and refreshments.

During each class, songs both old & new are used to develop musical ability as well as language, speech & listening skills.
The fast moving programme with a range of activities keeps the children focused and involved. There is time for sitting on laps,
for moving and dancing about, for playing with instruments and for having fun with parachute, hoops, bubbles and scarves.

Having fun is of the utmost importance, and the emphasis placed on the session being a quality time of interaction and play with your child makes it a special time for you both; and a time for learning songs and activities you can share together at home.
Kimba the friendly monkey comes along to every class and is loved by all the children!