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Classes start back from Friday 5th Jan in Southwick & Thurs 11th in Hove. . 


It's with a heavy heart that we share with you the sad news that 20 months on from her Leukaemia diagnosis, Lorrie (our beautiful Mum & founder of Kimbalu) passed away on Tuesday 29th August. We are heartbroken and sad beyond words, but so thankful that she is where there is no more pain or suffering, where she can dance and leap and smile and be full of joy, just like she used to here with us. She never stopped smiling through it all, and was always so full of joy despite the challenges she faced. She was so passionate about Kimbalu, always so eager to hear how you were all doing, and would often be found emailing Mums and Dads on her laptop from her hospital bed! She touched so many lives, and we know she will be sorely missed by many. Thank you again for all your kind words of love and support to our whole family, but to Dad, Mum, Hannah and Myself (Jen) especially.

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